Franchi Umberto Marmi, founded in 1971, represents a solid business reality of Carrara, with almost 50 years of experience in the marble industry.

The Company is particularly active in the processing and commercialization of blocks and slabs of Carrara marble, natural stone which is an authentic expression of “Made in Italy”. The Company mainly operates in its headquarters in Carrara, which also includes five modern exhibition showrooms. Thanks to its constant commitment, over the years the Company has been able to pursue a growth policy, expanding its activity on the Italian and international markets.

Today Franchi Umberto Marmi markets its products in several countries including China, the United States, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Temporary projects, events and installations are an opportunity for the Company to develop and enhance marble and its brand. Franchi Umberto Marmi participation in prestigious programs is part of this strategy: in particular, in 2011, the Company took part in the “Tower One” of the World Trade Center project and in the construction of the new wing of Mecca in Jeddah.

The great attention to the culture of marble as a tradition of the city of Carrara, the support to the socio-economic development, the respect and territorial integration have always characterized Franchi Umberto Marmi and are a distinctive feature of the brand.


In recent years, the Company has pursued a geographical diversification strategy, expanding its commercial presence on international markets. In particular, Franchi Umberto Marmi markets its products in several countries including China, USA, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Turkey.